This makes it easy and efficient to evaluate the performance of the concerned managers at job delivery. Performance budgeting focuses on the changes in the funding of the budget rather than the approximation fronted by the previous budget cycles. This makes it more flexible and appropriate for public budgeting whose demands are dynamic. It offers flexibility for the relocation of budgets when needs arises. In addition to these, it identifies agencies and programs that seek similar goals hence drawing inter-relationships to the legislature attentions and enabling a possibility of increased awareness and budgets to the local governments. Finally, performance budgeting provides a platform for rewarding achievement and imposing of sanctions in the case of poor performance.

This attributes makes it suitable for public sector budgeting at large including the federal government. However, it will present major challenges to the federal government. The efficiency ratings used in this model are rudimentary because they measure bureaucratic activity quantitatively rather than qualitatively. This shortcoming means the federal government could by focusing on the quantity of the services rather than its quality. Moreover not all bureaucratic activities are easily quantifiable.

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Performance budgeting system is very handy when evaluating the output of the managers after budget allocations. It provides an insight on how the allocated budget was spent, its impact and effects.

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