Personal Character: At This point What difference does it make.

According to Banks (2013), the notion of virtue works when a promise is made and fulfilled. The current government and political leaders have made efforts to correct the course through relevant fiscal discipline. Initiating federal spending reforms as a method of reducing the public debt should call for support from all citizens. The values, actions and purposes of every American will determine the rate at which the country can redeem itself from the public debt. United States is a free society where democracy has been consistent from the time of its founding fathers (Lahey, 2013). The end of social and economic troubles should be met with strong characters of honesty, self-discipline, and humility.

Proper virtues are instilled at all education levels in America. Parenting and education have become integral in the American world, and they are used for the pursuit of success (Lahey, 2013). The intellectual, moral, and emotional development of children is entrenched character education embraced in all American schools. Character education teaches US students about proper discipline values, high academic performance, and avoiding violence at all costs. A few cases in schools where students fight are reported, but the majority know the value of responsibility, compassion, and hard work. Banks (2013) argues that practical wisdom is attained through proper upbringing. United States has vested the power to shape the character of students to schools.

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 Personal Character: At This point What difference does it make.
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Appreciation for democracy, patriotism, and moral courage starts from the family and infiltrates to the masses (Lahey, 2013). American has been safe for foreigners because individual Americans embrace the virtues set forth by the ancestors such as Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison among others.

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