Personal Ethical Statement.

My blind spot, according to the inventory, is the belief that my motives will always justify the methods. Most of the time I fail when it comes to accountability. I have always placed my demands and needs first and I do not care explaining to those who depend on me so long as my needs are satisfied. In addition,

sometimes I become complacent and leave many problems unsolved intentionally. People around me always get upset because I always focus on my own motives and ignore the obvious problems around us.

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Personal Ethical Statement.
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My strength lies balancing my entrepreneurship with my responsibilities. I strongly value autonomy since I am self-reliant and accountable to my community. Thus, I avoid being rigid, stick to the usual duties and attempt to follow my dream whenever I get the slightest opportunity. On the other hand, my weakness is becoming greedy or judgmental in my expectations of others. Thus, I am always quick to criticize and label others unethical whenever my coworkers do not meet their job targets or rather fulfill their responsibilities.

My values, as per this inventory are sensible and rational. I am a person with the full potential when it comes to finding solutions to societal problems. Managing a personal business is what I want to pursue because this inventory have taught me how to relate with people, regardless of age, social status, sex or race.

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