Personal, Professional and Career Development.

For achieving success in career an individual has to improve its various qualities and capabilities. He needs to overcome his weaknesses which can help him to perform work effectively. Before selecting any career a person needs to analyse the essential things which are required for that particular career. Based on the analysis he should prepare himself for pursuing that particular career. This case study will highlight the important things required for the career development of a person. The process of building a career and the ways of achieving success in that particular career will be mentioned in this essay.

I want to become the floor manager of a retail store of Walmart. I wish to pursue my career as a store manager because I am very interested to work in retail industry. There is a huge career growth in retail industry. Walmart provides many opportunities and chances for enhancing the career. The important purpose for selecting this career is to enhance my personal skills. I have some weaknesses which create some negative impact on my professional life. So when I will perform the responsibilities and tasks of a retail floor manager then I will be able to overcome my weaknesses. My fluency rate is very low. As a floor manager I have to interact with store executives and the customers. For this reason I will be compelled to improve my fluency level. By interacting with many people I will be able to know the ways through which I can improve my fluency level. I do not have much capability to develop and produce creative ideas. But being a floor manager I have to become creative for increasing the revenue and productivity of the store. This will help me to develop creativity. My career purpose is to become a successful person and to become an efficient manager of a company. The position of floor manager will facilitate me in fulfilling my career purposes. If I perform efficiently in this role then I can become a store manager of Walmart retail store.

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