Personality Description Paper.

Personality, hence, has an impact on future success in the school and the workplace. This student is conscientious and analytical, but sensitive to the emotions and needs of others, and he works best with people who are creative, logical, and empathic, which has implications for being a transformational leader with contingency framework values.

Some of the defining traits of this student are conscientiousness and analytical thinking. As a non-native speaker, it is important to work extra hard in completing assignments and doing school work. According to the temperament graph and feedback from others, the student is dedicated in self-improvement. He shows conscientiousness in enhancing the skills and knowledge needed to complete academic tasks. Furthermore, this student shows persistence in going beyond mediocrity. The Johari window information reveals a strong similarity between what people see and the hidden area of this student, especially regarding determination. This student believes that hard work pays, and his friends and classmates see that he is a hard working student and team member. The blind self shows that these friends think that sometimes, this student is underestimating his growth. They say that he is pushing himself too hard at times and being too critical of his achievements. These sentiments give an idea to this student that he must be a perfectionist to some extent because of high expectations of his own skills. The hidden area in the Johari window is believed to be extroversion. His classmates think that he is an extrovert because of his efforts in socializing with others and being sensitive to their emotions. In reality, this student sees himself as more of an introvert. The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator supports this personal assessment, where this student finds solitude in thinking and working alone.

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