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In a broader context, this distinction can be based on two major categories. the approach that falls under the category of consistency (where personality is a fixed idea), and those strategies that focus on change (where personality is a fluid concept) (Larsen, 1989). Obviously such an oversimplification does not quantify every aspect of personality theory but it does give an overview how personality theories can be categorized.

For instance, Lewis Goldberg proposed the big five personality theory model, which incorporates the compares and methodology. The big five model primarily depends on the study of natural languages. Big five model has been developed in view of partially independent course in the questionnaire domain. lexical studies give the most convincing evidence supporting the big five model.

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For instance, the big five model can be carried out to the personality questionnaire in which the items from the population of phrases and sentences is used. However, the sampling strategy can be problematic because an infinite population cannot be represented in the sample (Goldberg, 1996). Therefore to represent the sampling of personality descriptive terms, especially the adjectives might call for representing sampling of personality attributes (Goldberg, 1996). This is a psychometric a rationale which is consistent with the lexical hypothesis. that the most distinctive and widespread phenotypic attributes get encoded as single words in the concept reservoir of language, and the degree of representation of equality in terms of words corresponds to the importance of the attribute (Goldberg, 1996). The expert personality attribute distinctions can go beyond the emphasized transactions expressed in everyday language. Hence, the representation or the sampling through lexical approach can give the necessary features for an optimal representation of personality traits.

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