Personality trait assessments.


Agreeableness entails cooperative and compassionate behavior towards other individuals. Neuroticism entails the ability to experience inappropriate emotions like vulnerability, anger and depression (Cobb-Clark, 2012).

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Personality trait assessments.
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Spielberger (2006) explain that lots of improvements have been realized in the measurement of personality and emotional states utilized during cross cultural research. However this research does not illustrate how the findings lead to other psychological tests. Speilberger also did not explain the personality trait analysis that identifies potential improvement areas and previous successful revisions.

A significant aspect of future testing and research entails brief analysis of depression, anxiety and anger with several versions that are cross culturally developed, to ensure uniformity in all cultural aspects (Embretson, 2004). The three traits are the critical psychological signs for the well being of individuals (Spielberger, (2006). It is also very necessary to initiate the test measure for the curiosity levels of individuals.

Curiosity initiates the adaptive aspects that enhance the well being of individuals. Research, testing and measurement of curiosity illustrate the potential of the individual towards well being and sustainable health improvements, and hence it is an important characteristic to incorporate (Embreston, 2004).

The Five Factor model analyzes the personality traits. The model accounts for several personality aspects without overlapping (Cobb-Clark, 2012). Empirical research illustrates that the personality tests illustrate consistency during observations, interviews and self descriptions.

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