Persuasive presentation Speech.

generates 160 million tons of trash, in particular, the legally dumped garbage. This amount of garbage constitutes adequate metal that may be used to fabricate two million automobiles. paper that can publish America’s daily newspapers. wood that can build a million homes. and bulk aluminum sufficient for rebuilding American air fleet a couple of times.

It is apparent that the American population is drowning in Trash. Americans have a responsibility to counter the current trends by recycling the trash. otherwise, there will be no tomorrow for us. As such, recycling is the most appropriate method for tackling the problem.

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Persuasive presentation Speech.
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A. Recycling concept fits appropriately in the current waste situation in U.S. as well as other parts of the world. The perceived recycling attempts are yet to achieve the requisite standards. People’s misconceptions about the process such as recycling being time consuming as well as a bother are some of the reasons why Americans lag behind in recycling their wastes (Saddleback Educational Publishing 5).

C. The negative effects of landfills to the environment are attributable not only to their closure but also to implementation of recycling as an appropriate alternative. It is apparent that landfills result in serious water and air pollution (Griff 2).

E. Recycling contributes to reduction of pollution, and saves energy. Several countries, including Japan are enjoying substantial benefits relating to cost-effectiveness and reduced energy consumption, by recycling their waste.

It appears that recycling is turning out to be the next big thing internationally. Different institutions and the public are increasingly adopting recycling as an alternative method of disposing waste or trash. Recycling household commodities is considerably easy and requires little time. It is the responsibility for all to promote environment sustainability. As noted, disposal of waste in landfills is detrimental to the environment.

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