persuasive speech-donate to my favorite charity.

Programs established by ASRC here in the Connecticut help autistic children in coping with their condition. It also assists family members, and those close to the children to learn and adapt new ways of dealing with autism and helping the affected child (Kucharczyk et al., 2015). According to ASRC, some of programs include basic education about autism,

workshops for families and professionals, direct services, consultation, mini-grants, recognition programs, a range of support groups, social activities, recreation and legislative advocacy.

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persuasive speech-donate to my favorite charity.
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Autism cases are becoming widespread in the contemporary society, and several individuals feel its effects. The first reason for urging you to donate to this worthy undertaking is because we are one community. We unite as one. hence, it essential that we tackle it together. Second, this issue affects us all. Such a drive would build community cohesion and help us get to know and understand each other better. Statistics implies that one in eighty-eight children have this condition. Many families cannot afford to provide their autistic child with the necessary care and attention, but with your input, this will be possible. Third, you should donate to the charity because ASRC seeks not only to sensitize the community about autism, but also provide solid solutions to this condition. We believe that your assistance to this charity will enable it in realizing its target and ultimately impact the community positively.

Kas, M., Modi, M., Saxe, M., & Smith, D. (2014). Advancing the discovery of medications for autism spectrum disorder using new technologies to reveal social brain circuitry in rodents. Psychopharmacology, 231(6), 1147–1165.

Kucharczyk, S., Reutebuch, C. K., Carter, E. W., Hedges, S., El Zein, F., Fan, H., & Gustafson, J. R. (2015).

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