These include: fatigue, insomnia, increased appetite, anxiety and worry, melancholy and poor concentration among others.

A medical work-up has to be conducted to check for organic causes that are underlying. This should encompass a complete performance of physical examination. The laboratory test for an individual presenting with depression symptoms should be designed in a way that rules out medical conditions which can cause depression. A hematological profile with differential must be obtained to check for signs of anaemia or infection. Potential abnormalities such as liver function and electrolyte panel tests are indicated for evaluation of potential metabolic abnormalities for instance, thyroid, kidney disorders and renal dysfunction (Richard, 2012).

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Depression may also be a result of substance abuse, and thus a drug screen may be indicated for commonly abused substances. Many of the prescription medications such as anticonvulsants, corticosteroids and some antibiotics have been depression-associated. According to the symptoms that GF has presented, she could be suffering from dysthymic disorder. GF has symptoms such as fatigue, overeating, low self-esteem, hopelessness and poor concentration. There are generalized anxiety disorder associated with anxiety, worry, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, sleep disturbance and irritability (Erick, 2014).

Treatment for worry or anxiety involves both pharmaceutical and psychotherapy treatments. The most efficacious kind of therapy for treatment of depression is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy is short-term and incorporates self-empowerment and self-help philosophy.

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