1. Congress passed the PDUFA, or ________________________________, to speed up the drug review process, and provided funding  to drug approval mostly, little for safety.

1. The 1937 Elixir Sulfanilamide, made by Massengill and Company, was found to contain diethylene glycol- better known today as ___________________—-with some raspberry flavoring.

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1. In pushing Lotronex, the FDA shows that only 5% of the public had IBS, and of that 5% only 5% needed Lotronex. Glaxo Wellcome claimed that as many as ____% of the U.S. population was effected, and employed Kelsey Grammer as a celebrity spokesperson in their effort.

1. Referred to by reporter Alicia Mundy as “_____________” were the American Association for the Study of Obesity, the American Obesity Association, and Shape Up America!

1. Brody calls for the creation of the NIPD, which stands for ___________

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