That is deductive argument. However, if the process were done backward, then that would be inductive argumentation.

There are three perennial issues philosophy has always been concerned and trying to resolve until now. The first issue is the meaning of life, which philosophy tries to find value and reason, or purpose, for one to exist. The next issue is the origin of life, which philosophy searches for understandable answers as to where do all life and existence begin or come from. The last issue is the question of reality. Philosophy seeks to understand whether what we know and experience with our perception actually exists, not merely appears.

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The cosmological argument for the existence of God states that the world or the cosmos most probably had a creator, a first cause, an unmoved mover who created everything that exist, which is attributed to God. On the other hand, the ontological argument would infer God’s existence through the a priori way of reasoning, wherein the human person can grasp the concept of a God, thus, there must be a God.

The four ethical systems are the Aristotelian Golden Mean, Confucian Golden Rule, Natural Law Ethics and Kantian Categorical Imperative. The Aristotelian Golden Mean is all about doing things in balanced measure, never doing any act that is too much or too less but doing what is just enough. The Confucian Golden Rule speaks of doing what is right to others if one were to expect good from others as well. The Natural Law Ethics rules that since nature and the universe moves in an orderly manner, we must act in accordance as such. The Kantian Categorical Imperative asserts that an individual’s morality is absolute and unconditional in any circumstances

The Western view of evil is that the existence of Evil is the absence of what is good.

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