Philosophy from Religion and Science.

On the other hand, religion presumes that its basis of argument is ascribed to revelations through prayers, recorded sacred texts, and oral transmission from generation to generation. Religion upholds to the existence of several or a single deity that created the universe, still has a significant role in its management, and sometimes usurps laws of nature to initiate miracles. Therefore, it is worth noting that religion is based on teachings that emphasizes on spiritual matters, relation between humanity and god or gods, moral principles, and relationship between human beings themselves (Cottingham 243).

According to Cottingham, religious claims can be viewed in different ways. They can either be viewed from the scrutiny and logical analysis of evidence or on emphasis on the will to believe, passion, and faith. Rather being taken as doctrines of quasi-scientific nature, religion is a form of life and has to be assessed based on the impact it has on the believer unlike its being seen as an implication of experimental issues (Cottingham 282). Cottingham notes that religious disputes are liken to conflicts emanating from aesthetic appreciation as exemplified by difference in opinions by two individuals over a piece of artifact. As opposed to science, religion claims that existence of God does not require experimentation to justify. Prayers are perceived to cause changes on a believer. However, science relishes on the combination of machines and waves to impart change in the physical realm. To counter the demand for experimental elements as presented by science, the Mount Camel incident of establishing the existence of god or gods by Elijah remains true and is more appropriate in today’s life than at the moment of its demonstration. Religion difference with science centers on existence of God. Science disputes this because religion relies on feelings rather than experimental facts.

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