Philosophy of leadership.


Leadership emanates from situations, person’s learning and knowledge, beliefs, passion and pragmatism. In the organizational context, although leaders are formed by virtue of their role and position, leadership capacity in other people cannot be ignored. This again becomes the role of the formal leader to identify leadership and nurture it for the organization’s benefit.

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Leadership is also situational, in the sense, leaders emerge based on situation. Identification of this quality requires high connectedness with people in order to know them well in terms of skills, attitude, behavior, talent and qualities. For example, a silent person may be very good at specific skills and can help other members of the team to develop these skills that can benefit the team as well as the organization. For this, most importantly, the leader must possess humility.

Humility refers to adoption of an un-assuming nature with respect to assessing individuals or situations. Believing that individuals and situations are a product of historical moments helps in obtaining a better understanding of the current historical moment. This specifically is important for leaders to take on an unbiased approach to deal with situations and people. Arnett (1999) identifies this openness as humility, with the perspective of gaining knowledge, and not merely with the associated people and/or situations.

Arnett and Arnesen (1999) define routine cynicism as the non-thoughtful attitude of people demonstrated through mistrust, non confidence, despair, suspicion, judgment, manipulation of thoughts and words meant to achieve either selfish motives, superiority, individual goals, wealth and power, or even mislead the other party.

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