Physical Health in Doha.


The rapidly increasing obesity rates would predispose people to developing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases among other weight related medical conditions. Research findings also indicated that both children and adults indiscriminately developed type II diabetes as a result of obesity. whereby, 15.4% of adults and 28.8 % of children below 5 years of age were diabetic. The high obesity and diabetic statistics is attributable to a variety of factors that are discussed in detail below (Bell 1).

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Physical Health in Doha.
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Qatar’s inhabitants’ binding traditions, poor eating habits and the privileged lifestyle led by many Qatari natives play a significant role in contributing to the rise in obesity within the region. Qatar’s per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the second highest in the world, and is attributable to its third largest natural gas reserves globally. Of the 1.6 million Qatari inhabitants, 250, 000 are natives born within the privileged class keen on following and keeping their traditions in spite of the diverse cultural influences in existence created by the many non-native inhabitants. Majority of this privileged class resides in the capital city of Doha where modern conveniences are not in short supply (Slackman 1). From a very tender age, the indoctrination of children occurs through the process of socialization. whereby, young children learn through modeling and conditioning desirable attitudes and behaviors. Among the things learnt include. eating habits, food preferences and attitudes towards exercising. Qatari children face no restrictions when it comes to their dietary. whereby, their parents, relatives and friends ply them with both home cooked foods ( rice, lamb and clarified butter being a major delicacy) and fast foods such as hamburgers and French fries throughout the day.

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