Physician-Assisted Suicide /OSHA Compliance.

There is legislation that allows physicians to stop the patients treatment only if such decision would ease the patients suffering, a decision that can only be applied to the terminally ill patients. The Oregons Death with Dignity Act of 1994 is one for the legislation (Pozgar, 2012). This raises moral issues in that most pro-lifers are of the view that any assisted death is not moral and amounts to taking away life.

OSHAs goals are promoting and ensuring safe working environment for all workers by enforcing workplace safety regulations in all organizations, as well as promoting education towards improving compliance and safety in the workplace (OSHA, 2012). OSHA measures its success by the degree to which the four main causes of accidents in the workplace reduce. These causes are electrocutions, falling accidents, strikes by objects or the danger of being caught in precarious situations, in the workplace. To ensure that employers and employees comply with OSHAs regulations, OSHA has to improve training campaigns on the best ways to observe these regulations, and the benefits that organizations accrue from such compliance. There should be heavy penalties for any employers who fail to comply with OSHAs e safety mechanisms in the workplace (OSHA, 2012). Any time OSHAs standards are violated, the cases of accidents and fines increase proportionally. Ignorance of OSHAs safety standards is motivated by relatively lower fines and penalties, which encourages organizations to ignore safety standards in the workplace. In cases where organizations find it expensive to adhere to these regulations, the low fines encourage such firms to ignore such safety

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 Physician-Assisted Suicide /OSHA Compliance.
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