At the same time the woman here laughs at the piano being out of tune just as their relationship is. Both he and she feel the same way but refuse to say anything and just continue living life.

#1 “For the Record”: The poem describes a declaration of innocence in regards to nature. Nature did not volunteer to be a part of man’s doings or undoing’s. Nature though a participant was not actively making decisions on how to treat or not treat humanity. The speaker is referencing the “record” of the innocence of nature vs. humanity.

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#1 “History”: The title history means documented evidence through an individual’s eyes, the history that was experienced and explained by that individual and its relevance to the times. “His-story” is told from His point of view. “Her-story is told from her point of view. How he or she envisions life should be not as it is.

#2 “History”: The emphasis on the two lines is importance to be noted and taken into great consideration in regards to the entire content of the poem. The importance here is that though history can be recorded it’s the witness of history the experienced party of history that can actually define history. The implications here are history will be told whether or not personally experienced.

#1 “Why I Refused the National Medal for the Arts”: Rich did not accept the award because she could not be honored by a government that dishonored so many of its people through poverty, marginalizing etc.

#2 “Why I Refused the National Medal for the Arts”: Rich’s stand is not just on paper in art form but in reality through life form. Her stance does not make her more faithful to her art. Her stance proves she is faithful to her art.

#1 “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”: The speaker vows to go to Innisfree to build a cabin and have peace.

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