Political Studies.

he significance that such an analysis holds from the American political standpoint is of course a greater and more complete understanding of how different legislative political bodies gain and lose influence over time. Just as with the United States Congress merely 100 years ago, the amount of power it held was highly disproportional to the position it currently occupies. In this way, viewing a small period of time such as the one that has been displayed within the ebb and flow of the power dynamics of the House of Lords helps the researcher to understand the causal mechanisms that seek to exacerbate and/or weaken political structures over time (MacLean 47). Similarly, as in the case that the author relates, the resulting power structures necessitated changes of their own as a means to seek to incorporate this new and differentiated power into the governmental structure that already existed. In this way, the researcher can note that a change was necessitated not only within the House of Lords as a function of how it saw its role within the structure of governance but also with the remainder of the government as it sought to rapidly integrate and differentiate this altered entity into the power structure that currently existed. In this way, it becomes obvious that regardless of the individual gains and losses that key structures make within the political composition of a given nation (to include the United States), the remainder of the actors will necessarily rapidly seek to accommodate such a change and work to carve out a different power structure and dynamic from the changes that have taken place.

2. Your own argument in reference to whether you agree with the author’s conclusion or not, and why. This argument must be backed up by significant content. This means all assertions and statements that are made in your paper need to be backed up by detailed explanations, quotes, and/or statistics.

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