Political Talk Outside the Workplace.

Inventory: While pursuing this course I realized that I do want to create effective and interesting compositions so that the people who read them may really enjoy them. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that I consider the writing to be an extension of my social self. Besides, while pursuing this course I realized that getting feedback and criticism from others much improves my writing skills. I really love it when people praise the originality and ingenuity of my ideas. This further motivates me to work on my writing skills so that in the long run I may turn out to be an interesting and appreciated writer.

Thesis: The one great thing about computers is that they totally do away with the hassles caused by distance and time and allow me to communicate with people, friends and family members located anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

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Political Talk Outside the Workplace.
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Evidence: The very fact that when computers were not there, the maximum one could do to access one’s loved ones and friends was to give them a call. Social media like Facebook and Twitter rely on computers to be able to allow people to locate and communicate with their friends around the world. Computers also allow for communicating with people in a variety of formats like audio, visual and text.

Purpose and Audience: This essay intends to communicate with the people interested in knowing my ideas about computers. I feel that I need to make the essay more personal. Too much of technical information has made the essay boring. Besides, many people already know these technical facts. I need to relate this information to my personal experience.

Thesis Statement, Topic Sentences and Paragraphs: The thesis statement could be written in a more simple and compact manner. The thesis statement needs to be a summation of the important ideas I presented in the essay.

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