Politics of Change or Technology and Social Movements.

Decline is the action taken by the supporters and the outcome of the protest (Christiansen, 2009).

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, which was started in Manhattan’s financial district (Dvorak, 2011), was directed at the banks and multinational organizations that may be responsible for the economic collapse of America. The non-violent protestors are promoting a peaceful fight against the wealthy individuals who are writing unfair rules and foreclosing on Americans’ future ability for successful accomplishments. The 1% of the population that represents America’s wealthy citizens continually discriminate against the 99% of America’s working population by implementing laws, practices, and regulations that apply only to the working class.

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The protest group called OWS was forcibly removed from Manhattan’s financial district by armed policemen when peaceful demonstrators refused to cease and desist a scheduled protest. The local media was absent from the event and coverage of the incident was broadcast by local citizens in the area who were eye-witnesses to the event (Dvorak, 2011). Streaming video of live action was recorded by the use of personal i-phones until local government officials disrupted the signals from the cell towers in the area. Some individuals professed that the cell tower disruption was a form of crowd control and communication interference (Dvorak, 2011).

Social networks have the ability to promote communication about an event, but can also be used by troublemakers to falsify information and manipulate support for a protest. Concerned citizens willing to post live video on their i-phones offered interested viewers a first-hand look at the actions being taken by armed policemen against citizens demonstrating in a peaceful protest (Dvorak, 2011).

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