Porter Novelli.

On the other hand, strategic leaders develop strategic visions and mission to guide performance management. Heckman (2011) argues that the leaders create ideas aligned with the imagination and energies of the employees. Ideally, the strategic leader understands the ultimate task of aligning human resources to the human vision. However, they usually attach the vision to the organizational values to enhance greater performance. Properly designed ideas move the enterprise, value the past and looks at improved future returns. Furthermore, the strategic leaders articulate a separate mission of the company to guide the behavior of the stakeholders of the organization. The mission is a valuable tool for an organization that is used to describe why the organization exists. According to Bourne, Melnyk, and Faull (2007), strategic leaders formulate good mission statements with a unique contribution to the attitudes of the employees and customers.

Besides, strategic leaders set goals and objectives that drive performance. The strategic kicks usually begin with the leader setting strategic goals and achievable objectives. According to Venkateswara (2004), this is what drives good performance within the organization as well as enhancing commitments in executing the tasks. Mostly, strategic leaders set measurable goals then build attainment incentives to ensure the employees work hard towards achieving them. The incentives tend to motivate and realize the goal-attaining behavior to the employees.

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Subsequently, strategic leaders craft effective strategies that enhance performance management within the organization. According to Demartini (2013), crafting of strategies aligns the activities with the available resources of the organization. In fact, the essence of the strategy helps the leaders in choosing what to do and what not to do. Specifically, this directs the efforts on what should be done, and this enables the organization to operate at its

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