Positioning and differentiation strategies.


Positioning strategy is influenced by the attributes, the types of the consumers who are involved in this process, application and the object attributes. Differentiation strategy is concerned with developing the unique products and services for different types of customers. Differentiation strategy is considered as one among the three generic marketing strategies.

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Positioning and differentiation strategies.
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Mayo Clinic has been established for offering the best available services to its patient through the integrated clinical practice and the education and research. For developing the reputation of the clinic it has focused on the positioning strategy. Mayo Clinic in order to attract more of its customers or patient has concentrated on the needs and the requirements of the patients and it has also developed the level of commitment of its staff. In terms of the cost, Mayo clinic have engaged lot of engineers in there clinic who are constantly engaged in improving the efficiency of the science and technology. The clinic has a training centre that guides or assists the staff in the use or the application of the technology for removing or decreasing the waste and therefore it has taken various initiative that will result in the better or suitable outcome that will be safe for the patients and therefore it has focused on providing the better services at a affordable and reasonable cost that will increase the value of the clinic. Mayo clinic has positioned itself as a diagnostic centre. The positioning is considered as an important strategy for developing and increasing the customer base and also the brand equity. The positioning strategies of Mayo clinic is mainly focusing on driving the growth , achieving the goals and the objectives defining the brand, improving the services and understanding the patient and offering the best available services to its patients.

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