Postcolonialism and its Critics.

When the colonizers defected from colonized states, the people expected colonization to end. This did not happen in many states as the leaders who took over became dictatorial.

In chapter three (3) to four (4) of postcolonial Insecurities (Krishna, Sankaran, 1999), his main argument can be said to be based on ethnicity or racism. Krishna states “postcolonial insecurities counter the perception of ethnicity as an inferior and subversive principle ….” Ethnicity interferes with nation development. Whenever people get divided by their ethnic groups, then the country’s development slows down. During the colonial period, the colonizers practiced racism and discriminated the people they colonized. Sankaran highlights that, the citizens of Sri Lanka still practice ethnicity, even with the end of colonization period. The conflict is between Sinhalese and Tamils. They fail to live in harmony because they come from different ethnic groups. The conflict brings the issue of insecurity. Wherever there emerge conflict, then the place becomes insecure as everyone tries to show the other that he or she is superior.

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Violence evolves because people do not respect each other and the hatred they have for one another. The citizens spend a lot of time on violence hence nation building drag. Also, they cannot work together to build the nation due to the hatred they have for each other. Secondly, they use their resources to engage in violence instead of building the nation. Therefore, the economic status of the country does not progress.

Violence brings the issue of insecurity. During the colonial time, many people felt insecure. The people thought that the end of colonization would bring security. This was not the case because insecurity still exists. Conflict, underdevelopment of nation, insecurity, and violence emerge just because of ethnicity.

From the writers view, one can conclude that ethnicity is the root of all problems in the society.

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