Postmodernism, Feminism and Social Science.


The essay “Postmodernism, Feminism and Social Science” states the social theories of interpretivism and feminism and how they are important for research in nursing in home care and nursing homes. Feminist is the way which helps women to know things and it gained support in the year 1980. “Women’s way of knowing” was the book which argued women have intuitive understanding. Sandra Harding explained about the contribution of feminism and increasing presence of women in the field of feminist sciences. Elsie Clew Parsons focused on gender and explained its influence on career of women. Feminist methodologies emphasizes on the idea that women have distinctive ways of knowing. There were many critiques that rejected the notion and even the methodology or reasons to be gendered. Feminists study the systematic oppression of women and the current wave of feminist thought includes the concept of empiricist principles. Nursing is primarily considered a woman’s profession as the ideal of nurturing and caring is the essence of nursing which is associated with feminine aspect of human beings. Feminists theories believes the knowledge gained by the scientific methods is considered legitimate knowledge but, according to Hubbard, scientific knowledge may reflect the interest and outlook of producers. Feminists oppose the rigid scientific epistemology. It is necessary to have a nonsexist approach for research in feminism and the influence of social concepts on the working of female nurses in nursing homes.

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