Pre School Observation.


It can be noticed that many children in the class are overweight but Edwin seems to be have a well proportioned body. Edwin is one child in the class who has good physique.

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Pre School Observation.
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3. The three things that acknowledged his status as a preschooler was his talkative attitude, his impulsive behavior and his hyperactivity. I observed the way he talked, which was without a break. Moreover he was not able to stand in one place. he was very impulsive and acted whatever he spoke out in words. Also he was not standing in one place and was moving continuously.

4. Looking from the health perspective, Edwin was a normal child with good physique and a cheerful attitude. But it is a fact that he is bit over grown compared to his classmates. His body also showed an overgrown aspect which when compared to his aged children become odd. I can take this fact as a hereditary attribute as his parents both are tall and well built. Emotionally he seemed to be strong with good activity and physical capabilities.

1. While observing closely, the three gross motor skills that can be pinpointed are the way he walked, ran and did sit dups. I noticed that while walking, he was not placing his foot with pressure on to the ground and it seemed as if he is not touching the ground with his feet. While running, I observed that he ran with his shoulders stooped to front which was not a healthy way of running, this can hurt his shoulder with time. When I asked the class do sit –ups, he could not get up properly and had to place his hands on legs. I could see that Edwin was not enjoying the sit – up movements.

2. While comparing what I read in book and activity of Edwin it can be understood that what Edwin was doing was not exactly right. The walking part can be understood as he his hyper but to place shoulder stooping while running is not a recommended activity. Doing sit – ups he was normal as

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