Prejudice & Discrimination.


According to the study a person’s interaction with an elderly person can be easily affected consciously or unconsciously. From a person’s perceived age social and cognitive competencies, political and religious beliefs and physical abilities are assumed by younger people, these assumptions help people know how to act and look for the right information and remember.From this paper it is clear that&nbsp.ageism is something that everyone if lucky would eventually join. It would not be surprising and inherently offensive when one notices a person’s age early in a social encounter, the way at which this information is taken can be destructive to the older person. Ageism, racism and sexism eventually becomes institutionalised which would then affect hiring decisions, medical care and social policies.&nbsp.Most people get scared of approaching old age, becoming old was once upon a time seen as a natural process, but in recent time ageism is seen to be a social problem. The media shows only 1.5 per cent of the elderly people and most of which the majority of them are in minor roles.&nbsp.After the Industrial Revolution swept through the world more individuals lived longer. This was due to more food production, better medical care, and other advancements that allowed workers to live longer.&nbsp.As workers lived longer, the need to have a retirement for the retiring elderly became a necessity. The reality of industrial economy was each generation now supported themselves.

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 Prejudice & Discrimination.
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