However, later on, providing food to its inhabitants also entered the agenda. In course of time, as the concept of ruler became primitive and obsolete, a more democratic set up came into origin, feeling for the mass, compelled them to consider policies addressing issues like unemployment, inflation, inequality and racism received more importance and priority. The United States of America was always a land of freedom. As stated by Abraham Lincoln it was a land “for the people, of the people and by the people”. No doubt, USA is considered as one of the earliest democratic set up which entered the election process long back during 1860s. Interestingly, the policies that were taken by the government at that time remained unaltered with some minor additions till 2007.

USA has always been a place where the black and the white people interacted with each other and so it was obvious that racism would have been a prime concerns for the USA government. Soon it was understood that blacks were lagging behind without proper education and medical attention. That followed from their nominal level of earnings. Though the government tried to eradicate such inequality and help the black people to mingle with the main stream of the USA society, but even today, the initial oppression and lack of social amenities block the black people to feel at par with other US citizens. Exceptions are there but exceptions can never be examples.

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While the Democratic Party is known as the architect of modern day racism, the Republicans have been following a policy of attacking racism at its very roots.

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