Privacy of social media.


the opportunity to correspond and connect with friends and family by keeping them updated of your personal life and progress, it also has its negative effects. For instance, the use of technological advancement has led to the misuse of these media.

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Privacy of social media.
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With the introduction of Web 2, there has been an increasingly growing concern in relation to privacy on the internet due to its effects on social profiling. Most of these social networks keep a record of all the interactions that have been made on their sites and store them for later use. Some of the associated issues include disclosure of location, cyber-stalking, social profiling and disclosing the information of a third party. A proper example is involved with photo shopping where an individual is in a position to use a different picture creatively to bring about varied unrelated images. It is with this that most photos on the social media have been surprisingly found in pornographic sites that extremely destroy the images of the individual (Huffingpost par.2). In addition, there are times that the government also uses the websites used for social networking to conduct investigations without having to obtain a search warrant. Determann (12) speaks against this citing the importance of consumer protection among other rights.

Thus, instead of leading to the realization of planned goals at times that lack of privacy in the social media sites have led to shattered dreams and devastated lives. The good part is that a number of the relevant parties have come in and placed several strategies that guarantee security and privacy for the users of social media sites. The CIO (17) has come up with strict guidelines that can be applied to ensure that social networking sites are used in the appropriate ways.

According to the Huffington post, with the increased use and applications of the different social networks it has been difficult to maintain privacy in relation to social media especially at the workplace.

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