Problem solving skills.

The math trial is to be done by students who will be divided into two groups to promote team work among them. The maths trail will have four stops of 6 minutes each so that the pupils get to answer questions and do not have much time to lose concentration, (Ollerton, 2007). Questions to be asked would be: are all the chimes in the park of the same length? Do they make the same sound? How is the length of the chime and pitch of the tone related?

They will be determining the period. One pupil will sit on the swing, the second will count the number of 10 back and forth swings and divide by ten. This is to be repeated using different distances. Does this affect period? Other swings with different lengths of chains are also to be tried with the same experiment to determine if the length of the chain affect period of the swing. The last questions will be counting the number of trees that are in the resting place, measuring and comparing their diameters too.

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Problem solving skills.
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The first stop will be at the chimes. Chimes are fascinating due to the beautiful musical motes they make. Some need to be stricken by a stick to make sounds. This exercise will help pupils in learning to explore and observe, (Morgan, 2006). The second stop would be at the slides. Slides usually provide a lot of fun to both adults and children. Some are usually steeper than others. The third stop will be at the swings. Swings provide a feeling of relaxing when playing on it. This will require pupils to help each other. Three will volunteer to dot is as others watch and help in observation.

The last stop will be in a protected open field that has a few trees and shrubs. This will help pupils in developing observational skills, estimation, measuring and content knowledge, (Ollerton, 2007).

In conclusion, math trials offer huge learning experiences at all ages easily.

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