By providing the ethical business practices, codes of conduct plays vital part for organisations by making them responsible toward clients, employees, government and other major stakeholders. Codes of conduct effectively describe the liabilities of management, comprising every level of employees about the method of dealing with information. In recent days, several corporate scandals have significantly impacted on the trust of people. Due to this reason, the codes of conducts have gained must importance for organization to maintain specially in the field of IS. Furthermore, limitations of national regulations to comply with the global standards have also generated the requirement of maintaining proper codes of conduct in the area of IS. In this way, codes of ethics in IS help the management of different organisations to become responsible towards major stakeholders.

Nowadays, there has been a growing interest amid different organisations in order to adopt codes of conduct and practices within the area of Information System (IS). The existence of codes of conduct in an organisation is related with less perceived offences and misconducts in IS operations. Organisations which implement proper codes of conduct demonstrate strong value positioning that is beyond the value derived from financial performance. Codes of conduct provide certain responsibilities on behalf of organisations and employees in order to engage in ethical activities while using IS (Somers, 2001). Although codes of conduct has implemented worldwide, their role on IS have not been addressed appropriately. This research is based on assessing the practical role that played by codes of conduct and practices within IS of an organisation. The research will be undertaken by the execution of descriptive methods through analysing several secondary sources.

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