Professional management practice.

Hence the organization must be prepared to face the consequences. The is a good alternative for the manual register system. SIMS will provide more benefits to the school when compared to the existing manual register maintenance.

Change management is a process of transition where the staffs,

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Professional management practice.
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resources have to be modified according to the change. The changes in the organization must be specified well in advance. This will avoid the problems that may arise due to change. Management of change is a tedious task. The changes and the corresponding requirements must be known. (Wilhelm, 2003).This can be achieved by conducting a study in the organization. A change must be done based on a framework. (Rodd, 1994).This framework will have predefined set of tasks and methods that have to be followed. By using this framework the organization can proceed with the proposed changes. This will ensure that the modifications take place in a structured manner. There are various types of changes that may take place in an organization. The changes can be made on the organizational structure, technology that is being used or in the management policies.

Before implementing a proposed change, the company must conduct a feasibility study. This study will help the management to know the current situation and position of the organization. Then based on the results of the study the organization can decide whether to implement this change or not. Change management involves several tasks. Once a change is made it has to be assessed on a periodical basis. This will ensure that the changed system works well and it does not incur any loss to the company. The change management must be planned accordingly so that the employees co-operate and work in the system. The staffs must be given proper training to work on the system.

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