Professionalism of aviation in human factor.

The authors also believe that knowledge in the aviation industry is accumulated through several years of experience, training, and exposure to the real world. A lot of accidents have been reported, and 75% of them have been due to unprofessionalism from the pilots and crew members (Kinnaird). The paper looks at an insight of several accidents that have been reported to have been caused by unprofessionalism of the crew members.

However, judgment is considered as one of the fundamental aspects in maintaining professionalism in the aviation industry. Judgment acts as a basis of safety according to the authors. The authors argue that it is also through training and discipline that professionalism is developed. As a pilot, courage is necessary while making decisions and accepting the responsibility of the actions an individual takes as a pilot. That is because pilots carry lots of human lives that must be protected. Research indicates that a lot of errors that occur in the aviation industry are usually caused by pilot error. The researchers argue that their findings put pilot errors at 75% of all the mishaps that occur in the aviation industry by the year 2000 (Thompson).

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Professionalism of aviation in human factor.
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It has also been found that personal problems such as medical conditions, stress and family instability also contribute to pilot errors. Alcoholism has also been pointed out by many researchers as a cause for unprofessionalism. Lack of adequate training and newly acquired rules in the aviation industry has also been cited (Rizzo). It must be noted that the current world is quickly changing in terms of science and technology something that has also been rampant in the aviation industry. For this reason, the National Transportation Safety Board insists in atomization in order to enhance professionalism and safety in the industry.

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