Progress Report for PDR.

The project team especially the team responsible for engaging interviews with the stakeholders especially the secretaries and assistants in the faculties do not corporate. This has resulted into getting inaccurate information that is supposed to aid in system development.

During our progress we found out from external sources that have successfully carried out the same implementation that the best method of developing a system that will meet the user requirement is by engaging the users from the initial phases of the system development. This will enable the development team to refine the system requirement from the early stages such that the time spend during testing will be reduced. Information about this output can be downloaded from This gives the detailed report on the above methodology and also provide case example that are real.

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Progress Report for PDR.
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After integrating the new method of user involvement, we realize that there are a lot of disparities in terms of functional and non functional requirement. This is as a result of disparities in the users needs especially the students. We found out that some students and a few staff do not have internet knowledge and therefore the system interface should be made in a way that will not frustrate them (Wiegers 426)

The programming team are doing very well so far in coming up with prototypes that are subjected to test by exposing it to students and staff for use. The other sections are progressing well except that more resources need to be pumped into data entry team because we realized that the database that was used previously had a lot of vulnerabilities in terms of data security. As such we had to come up with a new database using mySQL (Bolles, 125)

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