Project Management Processes in Organizations.

And even if stored in some physical or conceptual storage area, what processes, procedures and techniques should be applied on them and what does the management want out of it?

The answer to the previous section query is in this section i.e. implementation of a CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management System. Once such a system is implemented, all the data collected from any and every source can be stored and analysed to form strategies, policies and plan of actions. For this purpose, it would be a better option to have an expert of the field being hired who takes care of everything i.e. from selection of the system to the final implementation and maintenance. This would not pressurize the IT department by any means and work would be done in a highly professional environment by some good experts of the industry. It is important to note that end-user involvement is extremely crucial for such applications development and testing and prototyping are the tools that assist these operations so it should be binding on the vendor to ensure maximum end-user involvement in the process.

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Project Management Processes in Organizations.
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Not long ago, I was working in a super market that was running along with its good will and customer service. The thing that attracted most of the customer was the fact that the owners used to roam around in the shop, taking opinions, first hand complaints from the customer and having a 1-to-1 relation with them. The business goal was to have satisfied customer and thus, generating marketing through word-of-mouth, and giving the customers an experience of shopping that they never had before. With the advancements of e-commerce, the super market developed an online shopping web site, which seemingly looked like going against the business goals because due to online shopping, people won’t come for interactive shopping where its easier to interact and take feedbacks for improvements,

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