Psychological affect on inmates in prison.

C.Overview of Points: 1) The purpose of prison is three-fold: punishment, deterrence, and rehabilitation (Krestev, Prokipidis, and Sycmnias). 2) Prison life equals loss of liberty, goods and services, heterosexual relationships, autonomy, and security (Sykes), 3) Attention to preserving the mental health of inmates can deliver a safer prison environment, and result in inmates who are better adjusted to prison life (Crawford)

D. Credibility: Jenny Krestev, Pathena Prokipidis, and Evan Sycamnias cite numerous publications in their discussion of “The Psychological Effects of Imprisonment.” Gresham Sykes, who wrote “The Society of Captives: A Study of a Maximum Security Prison” was an American criminologist who received an award for his contributions to theory and research in the areas of delinquency and prisons (Encyclopedia). Psychologist Robert Morgan, Ph. D. has done extensive work in prisons, working with inmates and studying the effects of prison on the human psyche (Crawford).

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Psychological affect on inmates in prison.
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Transition Sentence #1: While prison life punishes convicted criminals for their misdeeds, the intent of prisons is ultimately to deliver men and women back to communities who are rehabilitated and able to contribute in a positive way to society.

Psychological problems resulting from the lack of heterosexual relationships include eroding of the inmate’s “ego image” and sexual identity, and guilt (if the inmate engages in homosexual behavior as an “act of sexual deviance under the intolerable pressure of mounting physical desire”)

A.Recap (Thesis & Major Points): Society must address the psychological needs of inmates if prisons are to deliver men and women into their communities who are rehabilitated, well-adjusted, and mentally stable. Prisons have objectives to punish inmates for crimes committed, deter repeat offences, and rehabilitate inmates for life outside the prison walls. Prison life creates a great deal of loss for inmates to cope with.

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