Psychological thriller/mystery.


This had left his very devastated considering that his wife used to assist him in footing the bills in the house.

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 Psychological thriller/mystery.
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Now he had to deal with everything on his own: bringing up his children and making sure that they were well fed clothed and that they had school fees for their education. James was the second born, in a family of three boys. Despite the struggles that his father went through, he did not value education. He used to skip school and join his friends a few blocks away. Here they could engage in irresponsible habits including pick pocketing, burglary and engaging in abuse of hard drugs. His father did not know about it at first until one day James was caught in the act and taking to a police station. Since he was only a minor, he was confined in a juvenile school, which inhibited his freedom.

In there, he formed another group of hard-headed individuals like him and together they planned an escape. Though it was quite hard to escape from the juvenile school due to heavy security in the area, they came up with a perfect plan. One night, three months later, they were able to execute their plan and successfully escaped. A man hunt was established by the juvenile school for them since they were found to be a threat to the society. However, their plan was perfect since they were able to escape to another region far away from the juvenile school. Life became very difficult for him that he decided to beg for money from passersby for survival.

Now this day was not a lucky one for him. People in the area had known about his begging behavior and no one was willing to part with his or her dollar for him. He was very hungry since he had not eaten anything for two days now. Depressed and nothing more for him to do, he decide to walk to his sleeping place under a bridge. It was just after sunset and he believed he had more than enough time to walk to his sleeping place.

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