Psychology and Christianity.

David Entwistle provides an integrated and readable material that is easy to understand and apply in the real life situation. Anybody interested in teaching Christianity and psychology can use the book. Entwistle is an author, with a wide knowledge of Christian values and psychological issues. thus his ideas have a good flow. The book has a comprehensive review of the modern research and exercises to help nurture students in Christianity and psychology. The author is a licenced psychologist and worked in the psychotherapy department and outpatient departments (Entwistle 2010). He likes conducting research on the way patients cope with chronic medical conditions.&nbsp. The majority of people view psychology and theology as two opposing perspectives of thinking about issues of life and the experiences that human beings go through. In this book, the author describes theology as Jerusalem and psychology as Athens, in which psychology employs empirical study methods. Theology studies the interpretations of God’s word by human beings. Entwistle brings the two different ways together and how the two relate to human behaviour. The author talks about the worldviews as a window through which humans view the world and includes the beliefs and assumptions of the world’s events. A distorted world view distorts one way of thinking, which makes it difficult to relate theology and psychology.&nbsp. Many people do not know the worldviews, which they hold, but Entwistle gives a discussion of five paradigms for integration (Entwistle 2010).

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