Psychology for health and social care.


For instance, if one changes their job to a new field, they may have to adopt a very different way of life to fit in the new environment (Jackson, 2005).

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 Psychology for health and social care.
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Complexity in behavior results from the inherent complications of human being in that their moods and feelings change constantly. Behavior will change as constantly as the changes happening in a person (Newstrom& Davis, 1998).&nbsp.People are never satisfied in maintaining their status quo. Once they have achieved a certain goal, they modify their behavior to achieve higher goals.Interactions between a person and their environment may result in complex behavioral modes. The environment is very dynamic and changes with time. Because the environment influences individual behavior, people have to change to adapt to their surroundings. This continuous modification of behavior results in various human complexities.

It thus makes it hard to study human behavior with certainty as what is currently accepted as appropriate behavior may go to extinction due to changes in the environment. Environmental changes may influence behavior positively or negatively. Where a person may blend in and accept changes without straining, they may be receptive to change and adopt it quickly. At times, it may be difficult for one to adapt to environmental circumstances. The stress involved may lead them to resenting change and thus form negative behavior such as displaying aggression and anger and even resistance.

Cultural practices may also cause complexities on individuals. Human behavior is affected by hereditary traits and cultural experiences as they interact within the societal community. The cultural setting includes interactions with family, peers, and the entire community. Customs and traditions influence one’s orientation by affection how they receive and process instructions and thus shaping the learning process. P

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