Because of this, in DSM-5 classification, the clinician is required to specify remission state if applicable (American Psychiatric Association., & American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

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Criterion A: there is the refusal to maintain body weight at a normal or above normal weight for height and age, or failure to demonstrate expected weight gain during growth period. The individuals show a lower weight as compared to their height and are hence unhealthy. In this new classification, the criterion no longer needs the weight of the patient to be less than 85% of expected weight.

Criterion B: the individual experiences intense fear to gain weight or becoming fat even when underweight. They end up not eating and may even be malnutritioned since they do not eat the required amount of food. This does not need to be reported by the patient.

Criterion C: There is a disturbance in the way that the body weight or shape of a person is experienced, on self-evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of the current state of low body weight. In this criterion, the patient does not accept themselves as they are.

Criterion D: In is common in women at postmenarch, amenorrhea, which is the absence of menstrual flow in at least three consecutive months. This group of patients has a tendency to be selective on what they eat and hence may end up having eating disorders.

Criterion A: there are recurrent episodes of binge eating marked by eating in a discrete period, the larger amount of food than what most people would eat under similar circumstance. There is a lack of governance over eating habits.

The number of times of binge-eating disorder episodes per week is used to state the severity of the disorder. It is defined as recurring episodes of eating much more food in a short period than most people in similar circumstances would eat.

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