Pubic health pharmacy.

Each ethnicity has different barriers that they must overcome to help them prevent, manage, or cure a certain health issue. During the behavioral diagnosis, each student was responsible for interviewing two African Americans and understanding their view of health problems. Diabetes and high cholesterol were the other two major health concerns among the African American society along with hypertension.

Many of the people that were interviewed had one of these diseases themselves or someone in their immediate family were suffering from these diseases. The disease according to the interviewers was more common for people that were busy with uptight schedules. From our perspectives and understanding many of the interviewers didn’t seem to take their health as significantly as they should be. From such observations, we concluded perhaps they are not as aware of the risks and prognosis of such a potent disease. The SPSS data helped us confirm the major health concerns among the African-American population. Hypertension was the highest risk among the society with 35% followed by high cholesterol with approximately 20% and diabetes with 17%. The percentage is equal to the amount of people that were aware of their health conditions in each of the different disease states. Arthritis, Anemia and liver disease were not as common in the population as much as the other three stated above. Based on our interpretation of these data and our behavioral diagnosis we concluded hypertension as the most common risk among African-Americans.

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In the environmental diagnosis each one of the group members focused on a specific part of New York City that had a majority of African-Americans. To make it city wide we chose throughout the different boroughs. Comparing our results together we found a few things in common.

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