Qatar Economy Favorable for Capital Investment.

Oil and Gas are potential products and the two products cover half of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The country earns substantial revenues from exporting oil and gas to many countries of the world. The country is progressing for many years due to increasing prices of oil and gas in the international market. Oil and gas are the tools that have provided high per capita income in the country. The country has a low rate of unemployment that indicates the strong economic position of the country. The country has nearly 25 billion barrels of oil and around 25 trillion cubic meters gas reserves that could be utilized by the country for more than 57 years in future. Qatar economy is represented as a stable economy due to its cautious macroeconomic management and natural resources (Qatar Economy Profile 2014, 2014).

The country has practiced tight fiscal policy in the period of 2002-2008 when revenues were mainly generated from oil and gas products. The new projects of Qatar are indicating high growth in the economy such as Qatar’s metro system, light rail system and changing the infrastructure of the country in near future. The country has inflation so to control it the country adopts tight monetary and fiscal policy. The country has an advantage of a low unemployment rate that indicates that tight economic policies are preferred by the country to reduce inflation and retain its economic growth. It is expected that the budget of 2014-2015 will be surplus of 24 billion dollars because of high prices of oil. The monetary and fiscal management is practiced by the government on account of the country’s current economic position (Nafi, 2014).

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Qatar Economy Favorable for Capital Investment.
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Oil and gas cover approximately half of the GDP of the economy. The energy resources that contribute over 50 percent of the total GDP are potential resources of the economy that will p0rovid much revenue in future.&nbsp.

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