Lastly, Epstein in his research tries to oppose Hooton, by implying that there is no clear connection in intelligence compared to the head size but found a slight connection in the two. The main purpose for the research paper is to establish the intelligence measure. It studies on how ones intelligence can be measured and by use of what methodology. If the measure of intelligence can be established, then an individual’s cognitive level can help in various ways. For instance, cognitive level of an individual, can be used in the area of education to rate the level of a particular grader and the capability.

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The main purpose of this study is to clarify the exact means through which intelligence levels can be rated. It tries to compare various aspects of life in relation to intelligence or the brain capacity. As stated in the abstract there many school of thoughts and arguments about the research problem. Therefore, the core issue of the research is establishing the most appropriate of testing for one’s intelligence. Normally, there is always a specific question that does arise in the physical development of human and the cognitive level. It is believed by many development conscious people that there is a relation between cognitive level and physical level. Though both journalists and scientists have rushed to claims that are unjustified on cognitive development, they have left interesting findings on this. Research on this has shown pitfalls and essentials of the study. Epsteins in his studies found out that as a child grow into another level the growth is accelerated than when within the stage itself. Although it’s rare to have the measures on how the brain grows, studies have data on how the brain grows its circumference that closely relates to size of the brain. The data analysis confirmed Epsteins hypothesis.

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