Race and ethnicity & gender and Age.

The difference is that this debate has been politicized such that the republican claim that the attention is skewed and too much on the Black American minority especially during the Obama administration. In-depth assessment of the factors surrounding the action of government towards reduction of the socio-economic gap between the majority white and black America minority is still facing some challenges. There are significant socio-economic reforms that the government has initiated including scholarship for education to the Black American minority, healthcare insurance cover and increased efforts towards absorption of the minority in government jobs.

Other racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., such as Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americas have been feeling overlooked. However, this is not true since the general term under which the government reforms towards poverty reduction and increased income distribution is the poor rather than Black America(Paige & Witty,2010). Considering that most of the social challenges face Black American particularly crime, the public is made to see them as the more talked about minority community. It is therefore imperative that the government expand its social welfare agenda and cover all the economically disadvantaged regardless of their cultural identity provided all the minority groups are bonafide citizens of United states of America. It is therefore evident that the notion of too much attention to the Black America is a mere political tool to entrench the spirit of unfair income distribution.

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Race and ethnicity & gender and Age.
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The increasing social welfare reforms include healthcare insurance for the elderly. This is social security measure focused on prolonging life. The dilemma in which the society finds itself is regarding a decision on whether to eliminate retirement or raise the age of retirement.

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