Racial prejudices among the police in united kingdom.

But the hard news is that the mass media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, are free to be prejudiced in covering black communities and free to maintain closed doors to Black and minority ethnic journalists (Chronicle World, 2007).

When we don’t know an individual well, we consciously or unconsciously begin to characterize him or her based on what we see. Again, this is due to our ignorance of the person’s real character and personality (Oloo, N 2007). We will form opinions, often based along stereotypical lines (Mwenda, 2004, P.56-60. We can fill in the blanks with such expectations that certain races are intellectually superior, others are full of avarice, another is more artistically or athletically inclined, still another has members who are apt to be dishonest, etc (Barnes, 1998). He continues that, these ideas have been formed from society, media, and our own upbringing.

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Racial prejudices among the police in united kingdom.
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According to Mailu, (2000), while all humans belong to the same species, races are distinguished from one another by such characteristics as hair color and texture, skin color, eye color and shape, size of limb and body parts, and facial organs (P. 34). Racial matters have shaped the form of our present day societies since time began. As far back as the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob living in the land of Goshen, people have been subjugated due to their differences (Ferguson, 2003, P. 102). From the Nazis to the Southern American slave owners, prejudice of one race against another has resulted in atrocities (Anthony, 2007 P.24).

Michael, W (1997) says that, indeed, humans are outwardly different in appearance but the problem arises when the symptoms of the disease become evident: intolerance, separation, and hatred. This is manifested among the United Kingdom police.

Racial prejudice affects everyone and we must honestly say that all people suffer from this on various levels, some high, others low (Molo, 2004).

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