Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

Even though, he has feelings for Coco for many years, Cesar failed in staying true with faithfulness. One of his numerous girlfriends even gets on with giving him condoms while he leaves the door. In chapter 16, George is arrested. He had become a Bronx Universe master. The end of chapter 17, George, turned 23 after being condemned to life imprisonment without parole. These chapters show how havoc and poverty wreaks on communities.

Towards the end of the book, breaking out finally brings back together nearly all the Bronx’s characters. Jessica is let loose from prison. Coco´s finally gives birth to a boy as her fifth child, and she joins the work-force. The book’s last part entails Coco being unemployed again, living Upstate, her daughter Mercedes undergoing trouble at school because of being a tyrant and Cesar still locked up. Nevertheless, he has transformed and appeared to be the guy he always wanted to be. Jessica’s oldest, Serena, has herself attained the dangerous age. She goes into what LeBlanc regards the Eternal triangle that cornered so many of the women and girls. LeBlanc also shows the irresolvable disagreement between need, and love and blood, between the individual, his mother, and a man (Random Family 2003: 105). She turns sixteen near the end of the story and pregnant. It appears that Coco’s and Jessica’s daughters’ destiny was to trail in their paths.

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