Reading Notes.

The article also uncovers that even though rape is an isolated event, it is usually prompted by peer pressure and social acceptability. Fraternities encourage casual sex as compared to getting a girlfriend.

In this article, author writes that every person has undergone a time period where they felt attraction towards the same sex. However, most of the times, these feelings are usually repressed by the person for two main reasons. Firstly, most people fear that they would be stigmatized by their peers and would be labeled as gays or lesbians. Another reason, people avoid contemplating on these feelings that is that heterosexuality is linked with being masculine. A gay would never be labeled as masculine and thus would lose any position of power that he has. Thus, such feelings are usually repressed and often come out as anger and frustration. The problem of power and masculinity becomes even more severe in the case of people participating in sports. The author also claims not everyone would remember a time when they liked a person of the same sex. They can only be remembered if one tries to tell personal stories about them. The article also puts forth that view that retelling personal stories provide sociological insight about an individual.

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Reading Notes.
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This article focuses on how children construct gender. Children mostly conceive gender through formal and informal structures around them. Formally gender differences are created when children are segregated into different genders: a separate team for boys and girls. Informal segregation occurs when parents expect children to behave in sexually appropriate behaviors. However, these conceptions are not rigid and can be changed if segregation is prevented.

Is it possible to remove the preconceived notions of gender from a childs mind when he growing up given that all aspects of life including media and social pressure push a child to accept certain notions regarding gender?

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