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However, when a learner is giving a speech, then errors in using language forms can lead to confusion. The authors have also pointed that “the identity of the researcher has an impact on the speech of second language learners” (Bayley and Tarone, 2013, p.43). For instance, a L2 learner uses more native accent in their second language speech when interviewed by their native people than by foreigners. It has also been stated that people living in a community have the same style of variations in their language. This theory is not clear since each individual may have difference in variation degrees. The authors have also used Liu’s longitudinal study of L2 variation on a five year old Chinese immigrant “Bob” to Australia (Bayley and Tarone, 2013, p.46). It was observed that in his developmental stage of learning English, Bob used more complex sentences when conversing with friends and peers, and simpler sentences when conversing with teachers. It proved that Bob’s L2 acquisition is faster in informal environment.

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Reading response
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In the fourth chapter which is on sociocultural theory (SCT), the author Lantolf has said that “although SCT is a general theory of human mental development, it has been productively extended to include the investigation of second language development” (Lantolf, 2013, p.57). The basic concept of this theory, according to the author, is how a speaker masters “narrative performance through private speech” (Lantolf, 2013, p.57). Therefore, it can be observed that the level of second language acquisition does not depend only on internal ability of the learner, but also the external interactions that have a major impact on the learner’s ability to learn. The major question explored in this chapter is the extent to which an individual uses his second language for cognitive thinking. It has been found from various

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