Rebranding to Queens Museum of Art

The paper tells that despite housing the current Queens Museum, the New York City Building has served numerous purposes including housing the first United Nations General Assembly headquarter between 1946 and 1950. Afterwards, the building was remodeled for reasons of accommodating the New York City Pavilion at a different World’s Fair. For most New Yorkers, the southern half of the New York building has great memories as it was the place they took their first skating lessons like I and most of my friends did. Since 1952, the southern half occupied an ice-skating rink that has served generation after generation. For the Queens Museum of Arts, the foundation year was 1972 and the museum has been occupying the Northern half of the New York City building. The museum’s growth is mostly attributed to the World’s Fair attractions and proudly incorporates the original fair exhibits. From the 1964’s Fair, the four prominent and still standing attractions to the Museum are gigantic steel sphere, towers seemingly capped with flying saucers and two rocket ships. According to Harpaz, each of the landmarks has a meaning. For the two rocket ships, they represent an era during which NASA had the great quest for space exploration and have man landing on the moon’s surface. These rocket ships are found outside the New York Hall of Science in Queens. The steel sphere of the globe or the Unisphere is a globe made from steel and comprising 12-stories. The Unisphere is located in Flushing Meadow’s Park outside the museum. The towers seemingly topped with flying saucers form the New York State Pavilion. Founded by Phillip Johnson, the Pavilion was established to embody the world’s hope for the future as well as for New York State to be a cultural and Technological Center. In 1964-1965, The United States of America was anticipating having a man land on the moon but these ambitions tampered news like an assassination of President John F Kennedy, Vietnam Casualties, and turbulent civil rights clashes. This monumental concrete structure comprised of a theatre, 100-foot high open-air egg-shaped ring, and three surveillance towers.

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Rebranding to Queens Museum of Art
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