Reflection about myself as innovation.

However, in this program, have learned that innovation is not something that you can wake up one day, and you start working on the project. Instead, it is something that needs proper planning coordination as well as cooperation amongst all staff members in the Company. Therefore, it is with consistency and determination that you will be able to come with something new and of substance. I therefore, learned that anyone who agrees to take risks is willing to put in more efforts, and he can emerge as a successful innovator.

In our annual workshops at all companies, we have discussed this by evaluating four fundamental questions: how well does new technology goes hand in hand with the current legacy product and services? What are the organizational capabilities needed to handle emerging technology? However, from the new techniques that we learned from Lab Vlieland, we were able to introduce electric means of transportation to take up the place of weatherboards. It was an innovation that we had a lot of challenges putting ideas together but at last, it was an innovation of the year, and it had a lot of positive views from the clients. Initially, Lab Vlieland used water boards as a means of transporting its customers to and from the company. However, this was costly and time consuming.

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Reflection about myself as innovation.
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Therefore, with our innovative ability that we had acquired through thorough research as well as attending to various company workshops, we were able to come up with this idea of electric means of transportation. We found our idea through the vision of the company of being energy natural and reduce wastes in 2020.

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