Reflection Assignment for the Intro to Orienteering Class.

Consequently, we split into several groups and allowed to walk through the park, carrying out our studies on the environment. Most of the tracks were muddy and led deep down the forests. As a result, most of us could not trace their way back to the camp at the end of the day. However, the game rangers and tour guides came to our rescue.

The reason for getting lost in the forests was the lack of adequate orientation on the geography of the park. We did not have a map to guide us on the tracks and routes to use while in the forests. In addition, neither the school nor the game wardens assisted us with compasses that could help us back to the camp.

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Reflection Assignment for the Intro to Orienteering Class.
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Orientation is critical before one engages in any outdoor activity as it helps them to conduct a reconnaissance. Notably, this helps the person to familiarize him or herself with the routes to use, the culture of the people, the nature of the environment, and the potential risks. Consequently, one can prepare adequately for the activity.

There are instances when people get lost due to lack of orientation and lack of map reading or both. Our experience exemplifies the adverse effects of the lack of direction. In other cases, one may fail to interpret a map correctly especially when they have to locate a place using longitudes and latitudes.

The trip changed my mentality towards approaching new places. I learnt that it was important to gather information about new places prior to the visit. It also scrapped off my all-knowing mentality. The highlight of the trip was the instance when we got lost in the forest. It was awkward how we could not retrace the routes we had used. None of us wanted to imagine a night in the cold with a prospect of wild animal attacks.

One of the things I learnt on the trip is that it is always critical to consult when one is clueless. None of us had taken the initiative of asking for a map or a compass from the teacher or game rangers.

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